European leader for automotive applications

MCR is continuously developing SMC, BMC and AMC materials for a large number of applications in the automotive industry (passenger cars, prestige cars, and license-free cars). Their properties such as lightness, thermal resistance, energy absorption capacity, insulation, low odour and VOC emissions make them an excellent choice for both appearance parts and structural components. MCR offers materials for appearance parts (Body parts Class A /Top Class A), for structural parts, and for lighting.

Appearance parts

Appearance parts

  • Tailgate line structure
  • Trunk lid
  • Tailgate composite insert
  • Rear spoiler
  • Hood reinforcement
  • Hood body panel
Structural parts

Structural parts

  • Trunk floor
  • Front floor
  • Fender support
  • Front end carries
  • Battery pack
Lighting and acoustic insulation

Lighting and acoustic insulation

  • Headlamp reflector
  • Acoustic insulating partition
  • Sound insulating panel